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Log Analysis program is to measure the usage on your web server. It tells you which pages are most popular, which countries people are visiting
from, which sites they tried to follow broken links from, and all sorts of other useful information. The server which has website automatically records
three type of server log.
First one is an 'Access Log.' The access log is a list of all the requests for individual files that people have requested from a Web site. These files
will include the HTML files and their imbedded graphic images and any other associated files that get transmitted. The access log (sometimes
referred to as the "raw data") can be analyzed and summarized by another program.
In general, an access log can be analyzed to tell you:

-The number of visitors (unique first-time requests) to a home page
-The origin of the visitors in terms of their associated server's domain name
-How many requests for each page at the site, which can be presented with the pages with most requests listed first
-Usage patterns in terms of time of day, day of week, and seasonally

Second one is a 'Referrer Log.' The referrer logs are extra entries in your access-log file telling you what site your visitor came from. By default
referrer logs are not included with most accounts but may be added for a small extra monthly fee. When you add referrer logs we also activate the
agent logs for your domain which keeps track of the type of browsers being used to access your web site.
Last one is an 'Error Log.' The error log contains all HTTP errors that occur when visitors attempt to view your site, such as requested files not found, etc.
1. IP Address
If you have your own web site, you may have question about how many users visit your site. You can simply check this in page view, but if users go the rounds of same site, you can't accurately understand how many users visit your site. So, you have to check visitors' IP address because IP address is the original data. Then, you'll understand accurately the number of visitors.
2. Link URL
Link URL is the log that tells you where the visitors coming from. You can check which site has your site link and information with URL. Ever if
the visitors come from search engines directly, you can also check which queries they searched. You can know not only queries they searched
but also which categories they reached, so you'll understand what searchers really want. Therefore, you can use these information for making
your business strategies.
Although Internet users visit your homepage, you can't say that they download all the file and contents in your homepage. They can cancel the
download because download speed is very slow or they have no interest in your contents. So you have to find the pages that are usually canceled
during download and check the rate of file/contents download to solve this problem. Therefore, find out the factors that are cause cancel during
download and improve your contents in the problem pages.
4. Click Rate

You can check how many users move from main page to subsidiaries in your page view. Through this check, you can accurately understand which
pages are popular and which pages are not, so it will guide you when you correct your website in the future. Also, you can apply not only correct the
subsidiaries but also check up product's popularity. Therefore, you can think out appropriate promotion strategies with this.

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