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Link Popularity is a score that can be given to a web site based on how many external and internal links are pointing or linking to any particular web page or URL. External links would include those that come from any other web sites than your own whereas internal links would be those that come from within the same domain name. Link Popularity is also based not only on the "quantity“of links but the "quality" of those links as well. Therefore to have a good Link Popularity score, it is not necessarily required to have
a large number of links pointing to your site but rather a good number of quality links.

STEP 1. Make your useful links page!
It’s very important whether you have links page or not. Make your useful links page in main page. This is
first step to building links.
STEP 2. Request Link Exchange!
One might begin to inquire as to how many links pointing to their site they actually need to rise to the top of the search engines. Generally, a site with more inbound links will be positioned higher than a similar site with fewer links. All you need is a little more and a little better quality links than your competition and you have a good chance to come out on top. This of course does not negate the responsibility to have good content and to make sure your site is optimized well to reflect your relevant keywords. A site that has great content, is properly optimized but doesn't have great Link Popularity can still beat out a site that maybe has better Link Popularity but poor content and optimization.
Also, You should make sure your own site is inter-linked well. Each one of your pages should support a navigational structure whereby you can access all of your sub pages or at least the main sub sections of your site. Also make sure all of your sub pages have a link that points back to your homepage. Basically this means all of the pages in your web site are linking to one another. This is not only important for Link Popularity
purposes but so that your site presents an easy-to-use experience for the end user as well.
STEP 3. Banner Exchange
It's good to up-road banner and link in main page because page rank of main page is better than other subsidiaries' page rank. The higher the page rank, the more useful it is as an indicator of a powerfully important site across major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. So, it increases more traffic. But when you request banner exchange, you should take care of using image file for banner, not flash file. Because search engine spider can't read flash file.
STEP 4. Submit your homepage to major search engines!
Directory submissions should be a component of your link building strategy, but don’t put too much emphasis on them. You need to balance the link equation and not rely too heavily on directories, and you need to spread your submissions out over time.
※Tip: Submit the indexed pages to search engines, all the Web and their subsidiaries on an individual basis.
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