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You have a beautiful website that you paid a pretty penny for and you are completely happy with it...except no one can find it. Many web designers do not understand search engine positioning so when they design your website little or no thought is given to the elements of design that may affect your rankings on search engines. On the other hand some search engine positioning companies offer services that will boost your rankings but at the expense of your design. Most web designers are not SEO specialists and most SEO specialists are not web
designers, what you need is to find it all in one package. A good search engine positioning company can get your website ranking for key phrases without affecting the overall design and navigation of your site. You can make small changes to your website on your own as well utilizing the tips noted in SEO solution, it will cause your ranking on search engines.

The first step in designing a website that will rank well on search engines is to build the proper table structure. This framework for your website will easily guide the search engine spiders through your site taking the route you want them to. A good table structure is essentially a map to the spiders, it guides the way as they travel through your website. So, table structure is most important factor to design your website.
Secondly, take care of using special techniques such as flash. Flash style websites are very pretty but search engine spider can't find your website. It means that it's very difficult to be ranked in search engines. Also, don't use frame if possible. Even if you have the website which has very popular design, there is search engine friendly design separately. The object of design optimization is making search engine spider enter to your site and then easily collect the information. Therefore, you need to care of using special techniques that search engine spider can't read.
Lastly, you need to make your homepage easily for first visitor and search robot. Search robot can collect the information when your homepage is easy to navigate and first visitor also can find the information and contents what they want. These kind of factors make search robot likes your homepage design. It seems complicated, but SEO solution helps you for your homepage design optimization.

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