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The final goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is maximizing ROI(Return On Investment)!
There are 8 billion Internet users online worldwide and 90 percent of all Internet users use search engines when they find some information and website. Also, there are billions of websites in World Wide Web and thousands of them appeared or disappeared in a day. Among billions of websites, can I find your site in search engines? If not, what’s the problem?


Search Engine Optimization often referred as SEO in the marketing industry is simply the art of
making your website relevant and important to the search engines in order to rank highly in their search results for a strategically defined set of keywords. Search engine optimization leads to an increase in targeted traffic to your internet property thus resulting in more leads and sales.
To succeed your web biz you need to rank high in the search engines and to achieve high search engine rankings you need to make a perfect strategy. Search engine optimization doesn't holds any secrets that are to be revealed it is all about making a perfect strategy, deciding what you are going to do now and how you are going to do that.
Today everyone wants to be on top for succeeding their business and everyone wants to earn massive income, but for that you need lots of targeted traffic and what could be more useful than a search engine, because it gives you a lot of it and for free! That's why we have the search engines right! But, due to some hard working competitors your niche market have become even more tough for you, so what to do now! That's why we have the search engine optimization right!
Then, why should a company bother to use SEO if it can buy pay-per-click advertisements? Of course the company can always buy cost-per-click (CPC) advertisements on search engines. These advertisements appear whenever users query specific keywords. However, research shows that the average company gets about 70 percent of its commercial search engine referrals from organic results and the rest from CPC advertisements. So while CPC advertisements can complement organic search results, particularly when doing seasonal promotions, they are no substitute.
The golden rule in marketing is that you should constantly strive for maximum results and ROI for your budget. SEO is a way of making sure potential customers can find your web site. Research shows that Internet users aren't likely to go past the first three pages(top 30 results) of a search when searching for information on a product or service. Qualified optimization companies can work with your website content to ensure your site is visible in the top 30 results.
SEO solution helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine.

SEO Services offered by SEO Solution
Keyword Research (WordTracker/Keyword Discovery)
Basic Data Collection/ Competitor Analysis Report
Virtual Optimization Ranking Report
Title Copywriting by Keyword Research
PPC Advertisement Consulting
Comment Tag / H1 – H2 Tags
Search Engine Passive Submission
Free Search Engine Submission
Link Building Service
Passive Link Proposal with Relate site
Robots.txt file control
Image Optimization
Key phrases Optimization
Homepage Traffic Analysis / Log Analysis

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