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Organic search results appear in left side and PPC search results appear in right side. According to the report that surveys which side Internet users click, organic search results caused more clicks.
Organic Search= 70% of Clicks, PPC Search=30% of Clicks

Search Engines Google, Yahoo, MSN
Google, Yahoo, MSN
Method Homepage Optimization with the
character of search engines
Cost per click
Bidding (according to each keyword)
Major Process
HTML source coding
Text Keywords Density/Frequency/Ranking
Link Popularity (reciprocal, relevant links)
Search Robot Revisit
Web log Analysis
Web Copywriting
Strategic Ranking Purchasing
Real time Bids Management
Finance and Budget Management
CTR Management
ROI Management
Web Copywriting
Merits Low price than CPC
Over twice than search potential of CPC
Changes must be relevant to searchers
(often represented by keyword selection)
High conversion rate of purchase
Suitable for mid-term and long-term strategy (ex. Online Brand Marketing)
Immediate listings
Controllable (switch on and off at leisure)
Trackable to conversion by keyword
Suitable for short-term marketing (ex. events)
No limit of homepage structure
Dismerits High upfront technical requirements
High upfront expertise
Expect 3~5 months (all in) for rankings
Not as controllable
No guarantee of high rankings

High price than SEO
Every click has a charge
Market controls PPC and is rarely static
Resource intensive throughout lifecycle
Increasing bids by keywords competition
Reach is comparatively low

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