Necessity of SEO
Many people in the world is using the Internet to collect the information, and most of Internet users collect the information through search engines such as Google, Yahoo.
When you enter the keyword in the search engine, it appears a lot of search results. However, it's common knowledge over 90 percent of all Internet users abandon their searches after reviewing the first two search engine result pages. Consequently, it's long been search engine optimizers' goal to incur the benefits of ranking as highly as possible in search engines' organic results pages.
   What is SEO?
The final goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is maximizing ROI (Return on investment)! There are 8 billion Internet users online worldwide and 90 percent of all Internet users use search engines when they find some information and website. Also, there are billions of websites in World Wide Web and thousands of them appeared or disappeared in a day. Among billions of websites, can I find your Site in search engines? If not, what’s the problem?         

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